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80% of our customers take advantage of our Amber Account which offers total protection by the consumer credit act. With fully protected low deposits and affordable monthly payments to suit you, the Amber Account is the smarter way to improve your home.

Flexible Payment Options

“With Accelerated Repayments” similar to a credit card, you are in control!

Take out an amber account and spread the cost for all our products – Solar, Windows, Doors, FSG, Conservatories.

Pay lump sum off your account to reduce your balance as interest is calculated daily on any outstanding amount.

Simply, as the majority of account customers pay more than the minimum amount to reduce term of flexi account.

N.B. You will receive a letter from the Bank stating the complete term (worst case scenario) a standard requirement. Remember, you are in control (as above), the more you pay the less the term, hence less interest payable.

Keep your savings for a rainy day

Open an Amber Account and enjoy the following benefit

Pay additional payments easily by debit card, phone, internet banking or over the counter
Flexible repayments
Interest calculated daily – you only pay what you owe
Fully protected under consumer credit act
No security required – unsecured loan
No survey fees
Payments that fit your budget, keeping your savings for a rainy day
Arranged in the comfort of your own home
Keeps other credit lines open
Ability to do more
Reduce interest with additional payments
Settle at any time

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