Conservatory Roofing Options

Pros and Cons Of Different Conservatory Roofing Options

Whether you are building a new conservatory or renovating the one you already have, you will have different conservatory roofing options to choose from. The most common materials used for conservatory roofs include glass, tiles, polycarbonate plastic or thermoplastic panels, though you may choose to go for a solid roof. All of these materials have certain advantages as well as drawbacks when compared to the rest.

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Glass Roofs

Glass is perhaps the most popular option as a roofing material for conservatory or greenhouses. Glass roofs let in a lot of natural light and help give an all over bright and sunny appearance to your conservatory. Progressive technologies in glass also means that, depending on your needs, you can install different varieties of modern glass materials such as double-glazed thermally efficient panels, glass with self-cleaning properties or tinted glass material that restricts the amount of light pouring into the room. Although glass is an excellent material in itself, a glass roof is still not as good at insulation as a tiled or solid roof. This is true even when you are using energy-efficient panels for roofing.

Solid and tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs or other kinds of solid roofing provide excellent insulation. They are therefore ideal for using at homes located at regions that commonly experience extreme weather conditions. In addition, using tiled roofs for your conservatory makes it look more like a lovely extension to your home than a separate section or addition. The drawback naturally is that the room would never be as bright or sunny as a glass-roofed one even when you have enough large windows across the room. However, the solution to that is, at least when you are using solid roofs (and not tiled ones), is to either combine glass panels with solid roof panels or install velux style windows.

Polycarbonate Roofs

When it comes to polycarbonate, you actually have two very different options to choose from. One is to go for regular polycarbonate plastic roofing which is a cheaper option compared to both glass and solid roofs. We are here talking about materials such as ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. These materials are extremely tough and, like all polycarbonate, are virtually unbreakable. This means they will last longer than other roofing materials and will also require less maintenance and care. On the other hand, these cheaper alternatives are nowhere as good as glass or tiles when it comes to insulation and heat resistance. This means higher energy bills for your home.

However, you have on the other end of the spectrum polycarbonate thermoplastic panels that, besides being tough, are also extremely good at insulation, heat resistance and in blocking out the UV rays of the sun. This is the material which is used in high-end sunglasses or to build bulletproof police shields and it is an excellent choice as a conservatory roofing material. The only downside is that these panels are highly expensive, so whether or not you should go for them will primarily depend on the upfront budget you have set for your conservatory construction.

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