Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian architecture was very popular during King Edward VII reign from 1901 to 1910, but the architectural style is generally considered to continue to the start of the first world war. Edwardian architecture is generally less ornate than high or late Victorian architecture, apart from a subset used for major buildings known as Edwardian Baroque architecture. The late Victorian to early Edwardian era brought about an interesting introduction of decorative flourishes, borrowing style from a number of historical periods often simple – but always stunningly elegant. Edwardian conservatories which are also referred to as Georgian conservatories enjoy a very popular among homeowners, mainly due to their cost-effectiveness and the way they optimize space. Usually square or rectangular in shape, with high, sloping roofs, the Edwardian variety is suited to most property types and along with its 90 degree corners it provides maximum space for interior furniture and fittings. The Edwardian conservatory having an airy feel and a timeless appearance will blend well with both tradition and Modern home Designs.

Minimal Design

Edwardian conservatories have a minimal design where less is more with a simple but clean and elegant look. The most popular aspect of the Edwardian conservatory is that it maximizes floor space, meaning it’s a popular choice for people looking to extend their family home. As mentioned above, the Edwardian conservatory takes its name from the Edwardian architectural style. The focus of this style is lightness and airiness, with more subdued lines and ornamentation. This is a huge break from the Victorian architectural style, where architects and designers can run amok with the decoration of homes and Conservatories. In this light, the Edwardian conservatory is basically a conservatory with a square or rectangular shape. It aims to maximise the view of the exteriors of the house by putting in as little detail on the windows or the glass walls themselves. If there is detailing to the glass walls, it is usually limited to the dwarf wall, if the homeowner chooses to have it. A conservatory of this style also has a flat front. These two characteristics of the Edwardian conservatory are the ones that mostly distinguish it from the Victorian conservatory. Where the Edwardian makes use of plain glass walls without panels as much as possible, Victorian Conservatories typically have ornamental panels on the glass. Victorian conservatories also have three to five facets on its front, compared to the flat front of the Edwardian style. However, just like the Victorian style, the Edwardian conservatory also has a pitched roof with an apex. On the apex of the roof is typically a set of ridges that look like a crown.


Now that you know what an Edwardian conservatory is and that you have an idea of the architecture of the Edwardian era, your next question may be: Why should I choose a conservatory in the Edwardian style. The main benefit of the Edwardian conservatory is that it maximises the utilisation of available space. Because symmetry is highly valued with this style and because this type of conservatory has a square or rectangular shape, you can use all the space within the conservatory. There is no wasted space to speak of. Not only does the Edwardian conservatory maximise available space, it also creates the illusion of more space. The pitched glass roof and the resulting vaulted ceiling let in more light. They also make the conservatory feel more airy. In addition, the lack of detailing on the glass walls and windows of the conservatory allow the occupant to see the exterior of the house more clearly, making the occupant feel like he or she is outdoors even though he or she is inside the conservatory.

Edwardian Style Conservatories

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All of Amber’s conservatories are bespoke design and built according to your exact specifications, you don’t have stick to the Edwardian style and can take inspiration from other periods or your own personal taste to create the perfect additional living space or entertainment room. Your Edwardian style conservatory is available in virtually maintenance free uPVC in a range of finishes and colours. All brickwork is insulated and all windows are Double Glazed with our ‘A’ rated windows to ensure your new Edwardian conservatory is warm and cosy all year round.

  • Energy efficient helping to reduce heating bills
  • Built in security
  • Reinforced inner frame
  • High security multi point locking mechanism
  • Shoot bolts engaged into the outer frame
  • Dual colour option available
  • Argon gas filled triple sealed units
  • Unique Amber Windows “Amb-e-seal”® Windows
  • 0% heat leakage around opening vents
  • Unique combination with steel & thermal reinforced frame
  • Unique combination Steel & Thermal reinforced
  • Stylish & carefully designed
  • Amb-e-seal® a unique market leading technology providing high levels of energy efficiency to ensure windows are draught free and retain the warmth within your home
  • Amb-e-therm® sealed units benefit from reduced noise, condensation and retains more heat in the room
  • Outer frames are thermally enhanced
  • British Standards Kitemark™ Licensed
  • Internally beaded for security
  • Sound proofed to keep outdoor noise levels to a minimum
  • Weather proofed UPVC to ensure the frames do not discolor
  • Retains 99% of it’s shape after years of use

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"Many thanks for the outstanding job done by all those involved at every stage of the replacement of our windows and the construction of the new conservatory." "It has made such a difference, we couldn't be happier. The result is just amazing."

N & S Reynolds WV14 September 20, 2016

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"Thank you, thank you, for my lovely Conservatory and my new windows. Thank the bricklayers for the hard work & lovely finish its great. Also the fitters for lovely windows & doors, etc. the quality is the best. The electrician has just finished the lights so I wont be doing the washing in the dark Continue Reading

M.D. Winkles Quinton November 15, 2017

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"We are delighted with your our new conservatory. From the initial meeting with Kevin James who’s a credit to you. The bricking stage went perfect the lads very polite didn’t stop working tidied up after. The construction went like clockwork again lads very polite worked none stop. Each time lads came on time and date Continue Reading

Mrs Baker B63 January 7, 2018

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