Conservatory Ideas

Conservatory or Glass Extension allows you to enjoy the outside world in comfort all year round.

How do we define the difference? Traditionally, a conservatory has a lockable door between the structure and the main building. With an Extension, there is a permanent supply of services such as heating and plumbing.

However, many conservatory companies are happy to use their design skills and expertise to create structures such as open-plan kitchens so the boundary is becoming somewhat blurred and you could approach a conservatory specialist or an architect to create the building of your choice.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Adding a conservatory or glass extension is a great way to flood your home with natural light. Floor to ceiling windows will maximise the amount of light in the space and will make the outdoors feel like an extension of inside.

Floor to Ceiling Window

Conservatory with Controlled Roof Vents

Hot air will inevitably build up inside a conservatory, even one that is open to the main body of the house. If it forms part of your kitchen, the temperature will be even greater, at times. Thermostatically controlled roof vents with heat and rain sensors are an efficient way to release hot air on sultry days.

Conservatory Roof Vents Glass Roof Conservatory

Rooftop Conservatory with a View

For clear views, glass is the best option for your conservatory and can be self-cleaning or solar tinted. Laminated glass and glass with safety film are good options to protect from falling debris. Polycarbonate is cheaper but creates a more muted light and, when it rains, it can sound like 1,000 tin soldiers marching across the Roof.

Conservatory With a View

Conservatory Furnishings & Decoration

The point of a glazed room is to be able to enjoy the outside in comfort, all year round. While blinds are often necessary – to control the light, and provide some privacy – they can obviously be decorative too. Over time, daylight, whether the sun is shining or not, will cause fading and distress to most surfaces but the quality of today’s glass means you can use almost any kind of furniture or furnishings to dress your conservatory.

Conservatory Furnishings

A conservatory, particularly one that is adjoined to the body of the house, needs to be suitable for year-round use, even during winter. A heating engineer will be able to calculate the correct amount of heat needed to keep yours comfortable. Thermostatically controlled under floor heating is the most popular option, especially with stone floors; electrical underfloor systems are more costly and less efficient. Some more traditional conservatory designs lend themselves to trench heating. Working by convection, this is installed in the floor in front of the glass and covered by a grille.

Bespoke Conservatory Designs

If you decide to have a bespoke-designed conservatory or glass extension, you could replicate features from your house – the arched windows, or a gabled roof, for example – to link the two structures. A more sleek style, however, might work just as well as a more conventional model on, say, a tithe barn, provided the scale and silhouette are complementary. Also, think about the location, views, storage, and for large open-plan spaces, consider ways to define the internal spaces – roof lanterns above separate eating and kitchen areas, for example.

Conservatory External View with Glass Roof

Glass Extension Furnishings

A well-designed glass extension will link with the main building neatly and simply so that the transition between the two spaces feels natural and comfortable all year round. Improve the flow of your home by treating the newly enlarged space as one; devise an interior layout of furniture and fittings that again makes the transition between the two feel seamless; using the same flooring and coordinated furniture throughout are simple but effective suggestions.

Conservatory Internal View

Orangery with Roof Lantern

An orangery-style conservatory or glass extension, where stone or timber walls and corners are mixed with tall windows, a flat roof and a glazed roof lantern, can be a spectacular space. Light the dining table from above – by natural light during the day and by statement lights at night. When looking for the right company to build your conservatory, ask to see recent examples of its work, and check the materials used: aluminium or good quality timber frames are best, especially if your house is in a conservation area.

Conservatory Dining Table with Lights

Side-return Extension

A side-return extension is extremely space enhancing. It is an easy and affordable way to transform a small space into something larger and more useful without impinging on the garden. The use of glass ushers in light and creates a modern feel, inside and out.

Small Lean to Conservatory Inside

Energy-efficient Glazing

A glass-roofed living space can transform the feel of your home, and improve your sense of well-being; the effect of natural light on our emotional and physical state is just as positive as it is on plants and the rest of nature.

Large Conservatory With Glass Roof Internal

Classic Country Conservatory

This conservatory is furnished with a second-hand pine table and mismatched chairs to achieve a relaxed look. The glass roof makes you feel like you are eating outside but enables you to use the room in all weather conditions, while enjoying the view of your garden.

Internal view of a Small Conservatory

Garden Room Dining Area

Relaxed family dining is the aim of this area, located in a beautiful glass-box extension. Easy-to-clean floor tiles and a neat wooden table and benches make this space fuss-free, but very Modern.

Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors Internal View

Spring Conservatory

Fill your conservatory with a variety of exotic plants. Go for ones with a structural shape and brighten any empty corners with tall plants that will reach to the ceiling. Choose a fabric with a bold leafy design. Use it to make cushion covers, blinds and a table runner. Fabrics with splashes of zingy lemon will really spice up the look.

Spring Conservatory

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