Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories offer timeless appeal and an adaptive style. It comes as no surprise that many homeowners opt for this popular Type of Conservatory. These conservatories are ideal for properties with height restrictions. They are characterized by a Low-Pitched Roof, which enables installation in awkward spaces without compromising visual appeal. The large Glass Panels are designed to increase natural light.

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Lean-To Conservatory Prices

All of Amber’s conservatories are of bespoke design and built according to your exact specifications allowing you to create the perfect additional living space or entertainment room. Because of this and to ensure we do not cause any confusion, we do not include any pricing here. We have more detailed information regarding factors that can affect conservatory prices here. Alternatively for a free quote and design service fill out our Contact Form.

A lean to conservatory is highly adaptable thanks to its’ versatile design. It is possible to create a Custom Design which will suit any style of property. From retro styles to contemporary designs that boost energy efficiency, it has never been easier for homeowners to build a conservatory that matches their specific needs.

This option is the right choice for anyone looking for a simple yet charming appearance. Homeowners can customize the installation by selecting a variety of colours and hardware to complement your existing property.

Construction options

When it comes to construction options, the majority of lean-to conservatories have a simple rectangular shape and are attached to pre-built walls. It is possible to design a conservatory which will ‘wrap around’ a corner. You can include a dwarf base wall if required or simply opt for full length frames which maximise the light and provide uninterrupted views. Another option available is to incorporate uPVC panels instead at the base of the conservatory.

Planning Permission is not required for units with specific characteristics. These include a maximum height of four metres for a single-storey extension built on the rear part of the property. It is important to ensure that the conservatory does cover more than half of the property’s free external space. In addition, the unit should not feature balconies, verandas or raised platforms.

Some of key factors to consider include the Type of Roofing. The typical installation features a sloped roof made of either poly-carbonate or glass. To reduce heat loss or block the sun, homeowners can go for a solid or tiled lean to conservatory.


Frames used to construct conservatories can be made from a variety of materials, including uPVC, aluminium and timber. Many Modern Conservatories will be built using uPVC which is now available in a range of colours to compliment your existing building including woodgrain finishes. uPVC requires far less maintenance than a Wooden Conservatory which over time will require a bit of tender loving care to bring it back to its’ former glory. Although this natural material looks beautiful at its best, it will naturally age, paint will need reapplying and eventually the wood would need replacing if not treated well. uPVC can last a lifetime if well maintained, which is possibly why it is the most popular choice of material. It is very easy to clean and will not need repainting; meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy your conservatory, rather than worry about what you’ll have to do next to keep it looking fresh and new.

Wooden conservatories are available in a range of hardwoods including oak, cedar, pine, cherry, mahogany and teak. It is worth bearing in mind that although wood is seen as a sustainable source there are many hardwoods which are now being over-harvested. Wood has the capacity to create a stylish look that adds appeal to any property. Aluminium provides durability and strength, which are key factors when looking to reduce maintenance costs.

On the other hand, hardwood and softwood are considerably long lasting when compared to uPVC but they are also more expensive. However, wooden materials require regular maintenance throughout their life cycle. Aluminium is available at a higher cost than both wood and uPVC but has a longer working life.

A lean to conservatory is undoubtedly a cost-effective installation that allows homeowners to increase their interior space. This type of conservatory is favoured due to its superior thermal efficiency.

Simple & Stylish Conservatories including the following features:

  • Energy efficient helping to reduce heating bills
  • Built in security
  • Reinforced inner frame
  • High security multi point locking mechanism
  • Shoot bolts engaged into the outer frame
  • Dual colour option available
  • Argon gas filled triple sealed units
  • Unique Amber Windows “Amb-e-seal”® Windows
  • 0% heat leakage around opening vents
  • Unique combination with steel & thermal reinforced frame
  • Retains 99% of it’s shape after years of use
  • Weather proofed uPVC to ensure the frames do not discolour
  • Sound proofed to keep outdoor noise levels to a minimum
  • Internally beaded for security
  • Stylish & carefully designed
  • Amb-e-seal® a unique market leading technology providing high levels of energy efficiency to ensure windows are draught free and retain the warmth within your home
  • Amb-e-therm® sealed units benefit from reduced noise, condensation and retains more heat in the room
  • Outer frames are thermally enhanced
  • British Standards Kitemark™ Licensed

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