Small Conservatories

A small space doesn’t have to mean a lack of value or style. Small Conservatories can help transform your home, creating the perfect place to relax, work or entertain. A small sized home and garden can offer the perfect space for a small square or rectangular shaped conservatory which can greatly complement properties with have alcoves or protrusions such as an extension. With the right Design, size and position and by using materials that complement your property, you will be adding a room that will add to the value of your home and be the envy of relatives, friends and neighbours.

You will find that the space you create is often a much better option and will be far cheaper than the ever stressful option of moving house to gain more valuable space. Historically, Conservatories were great places to spend your time in during the summer but not so great in winter. Today’s Modern conservatories benefit from improved insulation, Double Glazing and under-floor heating, making them an ideal place to work, play, dine, relax and entertain all year round. Adding a conservatory to your home will not only increase your living space and increase the level of light flooding into your home but will also allow you to enjoy your garden whatever the time of year or season. More importantly, you will not need loads of space to add a practical and stunning conservatory as it can work in even the smallest of areas. For example, a simple glass structure with sliding or folding doors may be all you have room for but it will add an extra element to your home, whether you are creating a dining room or extending your kitchen. Being creative in terms of use of lighting and decoration will totally transform the space you have available to you.

Opting for a small conservatory will not only decrease your budget but it may also fall under the ‘permitted development’ regulations meaning you will not need planning permission (as long as the conservatory is separated from the house by external quality walls, doors or windows). You can check out The Planning Portal for the most up-to-date planning regulations. A popular size of a small conservatory is 3m x 3m as it is unlikely that you would need Planning Permission.

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A new space with an abundance of natural light can lend itself to so many different decorating schemes and trends. Most conservatories will adjoin a kitchen or sitting room where they will be of the most use. Care needs to be taken when choosing your furnishings to ensure they are both hard wearing and won’t bleach in the natural light. The same will apply to your choice of flooring which will need to stand up to heavy through traffic from your garden. Stone, laminate or vinyl floor coverings are ideal. However, you will need to give some thought to the style of the conservatory when choosing a small conservatory so that it maximises the space you have available. Consideration should be given to a style such as the Edwardian or Lean-to as these styles benefit from a simplified floor plan being either rectangular or square in shape. Lean-to conservatories are especially suitable for buildings with low eaves such as a cottage or a bungalow. These small conservatories are simple in design with no awkward curves or fancy vaulted roofing, just a straight forward 3 sided rectangle. Compared to other designs, the lean- to conservatory, with its’ low pitched Roof makes it suitable for a wide range of properties. This small and modern conservatory style is simple, understated and perfect for today’s contemporary home.

Another consideration with a small conservatory is the Doors. If you decide to use doors which open inwards you may lose some of your valuable living space. Enhance the look of your conservatory by adding outward opening double French Doors if you have the space available or you could also consider sliding doors. Have a look below at the many ways you could use your fabulous new small conservatory:

Kitchen Conservatories

Kitchen conservatories make a great home Extension as in most cases this is the one room where your family congregates. If you have a small kitchen then it can quickly become rather crowded when the family start milling around. By adding a small conservatory as an extension this will allow you to create an additional social room away from the main cooking area. It is worth remembering that you will need to allow for a good level of ventilation to cope with the steam, heat and aromas which will result from your cooking creations. If you have a south-facing conservatory then you may want to consider investing in a set of conservatory blinds to provide you with a bit of shade.

Breakfast Conservatories

If a kitchen conservatory is not suitable for your small conservatory, creating a space close to the kitchen that can be used as a family eating area may be a better solution. As the saying goes “families that eat together, stay together”, and as such, it is important to have a pleasant space where the whole family is happy to spend quality time together and where they can actually talk to each other rather than hooking themselves up to their mobile phone or hand held devices.

Home Office Conservatories

If you work from home finding a suitable place to work in undisturbed can be pretty difficult. Often bedrooms or box rooms are used as home offices which are not always ideal if you have visitors. However, a small conservatory as a home office creates an ideal space that is separated from the rest of the home with its’ inherent domestic noise and other distractions. If you have visitors then they can enter through the garden rather than through the main house. Imagine taking a break during the day with a pleasant walk in the garden, absolute heaven! With access to light and sunshine you’ll not only feel more relaxed but also you will feel more productive. Taking care with the design will allow you to create a multi-function space which can be an office during the day and a dining area or lounge at night.

Entertaining Room Conservatories

Small conservatories make great dining rooms and are also suitable for entertaining friends. At lunchtimes, you can create an inviting al fresco dining area which you can use all year round. Just imagine dining with your family or friends under the moon and the stars with just their light and candles to illuminate the space. During the summer you can step outside onto your patio or decking area to enjoy an aperitif or post-dinner drink. Even in winter, you can continue to enjoy your new room with friends and family.

Lounge Conservatories

Alternatively, you may be looking for an extra room where you can experience a little bit of peace and quiet away from the noise of the TV or your teenager’s loud music. You can use well insulated single or double doors to separate your small conservatory from the rest of the house which will create an oasis of calm and tranquillity with views over your garden and beyond. For more inspiring ideas take a peek at this range of Edwardian and Lean-to conservatories.

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