Even if you don’t have much space to work with, a small conservatory could help you to get the most out or what you do have. There are many ways to turn a conservatory of any size into a practical space that will enhance your home. One of the original uses for Conservatories when they started to become popular in the 19th century was to accommodate plants in a secure and safe environment. Simple, small and effective. These days people use conservatories for many different things including extending living space. Here are some ideas for making good use of a small conservatory.

Additional Seating

Adding another seating room to the house is what most people dream of. The space could be used to have a room to yourself where you could read books, enjoy your hobby or simply somewhere to relax and sit in peace away from all the television, electronics and routine commotion of the house.

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Study or Office

A conservatory is ideal for working from home. It’s airy and light, and devoid of the distractions of the main house. Working from home warrants a dedicated, quiet space such as a conservatory. Needless to say, a conservatory would do wonders to your productivity and help to keep your stress levels down.

Dining Space

A room exclusively for dining is becoming less of the norm nowadays. Back in the day, eating as a group or family was customary so that the members of the house could spend quality time with each other at least once during the day. If you think this tradition should continue, why not use your new conservatory as a dining space. Moreover, the dining experience with the gardens in the background would make eating less of a chore and much more enjoyable.

Extended Kitchen

The kitchen is integral to any house. It can be viewed as the production centre that keeps the house functioning. Having started as a place just to prepare and cook food, the space can become more of a recreation area where people hang out and enjoy each other’s company. But many kitchens lack sufficient seating or space for people to congregate. By extending your kitchen with the addition of a conservatory you will not only extend the space available but you will also create a fantastic area for entertaining where people can mingle with a glass of wine while anticipating the lovely meal they are about to eat.

Children’s Playroom

As your children grow and become more mobile you will be needing and craving a room where they can go and play and leave you in peace for a short while to allow you to recharge your batteries. A conservatory can make an excellent spacious and safe playroom not only to accommodate the kids but also the mountain of toys and gadgets that they accumulate.

Conservatory Planning Permission

Adding a conservatory to your property is classed as a permitted development. It doesn’t normally require any planning permission, provided certain conditions and limits have been met. Firstly, the conservatory shouldn’t take up more than 50% of the total area of your property. The Extension shouldn’t be sideways fronting a highway and mustn’t be higher than the roof. Similarly, the height of the conservatory should not be more than four metres. There may be a lot more planning stipulations and rules in your area so it would be a good idea to check with your local planning office or visit the Planning Portal Website.

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