uPVC Conservatories

The benefit of purchasing a uPVC Conservatory is that it offers a low-maintenance option and can last a lifetime, providing fantastic value, which is why it is the most popular choice for homeowners.

Another benefit is that, with technological advances, uPVC frames are designed to control temperature through multiple insulating chambers. This slows the heat transfer through the frame. Combining this with highly rated glass will result in more heat being retained.

uPVC conservatories offer a lot of flexibility in that they can be designed to meet your exact requirements and are available in a range of styles and finishes to fully compliment your home.

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uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the most common material used in the UK for Conservatories and is also used in approximately around 50% of the world’s construction industries. UPVC is a plastic that hasn’t been softened with chemicals and is widely used for Windows, Doors and conservatories due to its hardwearing properties and easy upkeep, as well as being cheaper to install than aluminium and hardwood. When the frames are created, additives and stabilisers are added to improve durability and improve resistance against weather. UPVC does not rust, warp or corrode and will last for years with minimal maintenance.

With uPVC products it’s important to ensure the British Standard mark is present. BSEN 12608 shows that the product meets high standards.

Functional and Modern

uPVC Conservatories are not only affordable but can be designed to fit any style of property, offering additional living space. Despite its low cost, uPVC has fantastic insulation properties – keeping your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

A conservatory is a more economical alternative to an extension as there’s no compromise on space and usability but also doesn’t come with the large price tag. Depending on the space available, conservatories can make fantastic family rooms or work areas. Because of the energy efficiency of UPVC is energy your heating bill will be lower and your home will be flooded with natural light providing the perfect space to relax and unwind. It is also remarkably low maintenance; all you need to do is give it a quick wipe down with a cloth to keep the structure clean. Unlike timber conservatories, uPVC doesn’t require varnishing or painting on a regular basis and should keep its colour for a long period of time.

uPVC conservatories are a worthwhile investment as they will add value to your home and are also classed as a permitted development, meaning that provided it meets certain criteria you shouldn’t need Planning Permission.

In modern construction, uPVC installations don’t need to have the bright white finish typically available. Nowadays there is a range of colours such as grey, brown, black and green available. The most popular by far is the range of woodgrain effects. This gives your home the visual appeal of a wooden conservatory, without the associated expense and maintenance headaches of real wood. uPVC is a more cost effective and efficient option.

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