Some common FAQs from our customers:


This will depend on your chosen design and planning requirements but an average timescale without the need for planning would be 2 weeks from order date and between 8 – 10 weeks if a planning application is needed.

Every project is different and your choice of optional extras such as colour, glazing design and brickwork will all affect the price. Be wary of instant online or telephone quotes from other companies as they can be very misleading. Please contact us to request a free no obligation quote.

There are no hidden costs or fees, so as long as there are no amendments to the original design your quoted price is what you will pay. Your quote is valid for 12 months.

You can contact Customer Services on 0800 78 37 371 or visit our website contact page.
We offer a no quibble 10 year insurance backed guarantee which is included in the price.
Amber Windows will dispose of everything from the site leaving the site clean and clear. This is also responsibly recycled, we take environmental issues and waste management seriously and ensure that materials are correctly recycled and disposed of in a correct and ethical way. We currently recycle almost 92% of waste, timber, glass, pvcu, cardboard, brick, plastic wrapping, metal and paper. We are achieving substantial savings which we now pass on to our customers as a recycling subsidy which is deducted at point of sale.
Yes in most cases a brick match is possible. In the event that an exact match is not possible, you will be offered a range of similar options to choose from.
We will advise you on whether or not planning permission is needed, if it is we will apply for the necessary planning permission on your behalf.


Yes. We are a FENSA registered company. We register your details as soon as your installation is complete. You will receive your certificate of registration for your window products directly from FENSA. These certificates are important as they are required by solicitors when you come to sell your property.
Double-glazing is a window consisting of two panes of glass separated by a layer of trapped argon gas. The layer of argon gas has 67% of thermal conductivity of air, making it a poor conductor of heat, thus keeping warm air trapped inside your home and helping improve energy efficiency. This extra pane of glass also acts as a secondary barrier to noise, helping keep your home nice and quiet, and strengthens the window to improve security.
Yes, it does! While it won’t completely block out all noise, our unique Amb-e-therm® sealed units can reduce noise transmission by 2dB.
Up to 80% of the energy lost through a window occurs at the edge of the glass because of the highly conductive nature of aluminium spacers. Our unique Amb-e-therm® sealed units block this heat loss and help to reduce your energy costs.
When buying new windows, one of the most important things to look out for is the Windows Energy Rating (WER). They work in a similar way to the energy ratings on electrical goods. The ratings go from A++ (very efficient) to G (incredibly inefficient). To comply with building regulations, all windows have to be at least C-rated. Our windows are rated at A or A+.
Every property is different and therefore we simply can’t provide an upfront cost of your window installation. The price of your windows will depend on the number of windows you need, dimensions of the windows, the amount of work needed to fit them, as well as any extras you may want including decorative glass, colours and window furniture. One of our experienced consultants will visit your home, measure up and find out exactly what you require. We will then provide you with a free, competitive, no obligation quote based on the material, dimensions, add-ons and any relevant discounts.
Amber Windows doesn’t offer double glazing grants, but there may be grants available through other organizations. The GOV.UK website may provide more details on how to get energy efficiency grants.
We generally attempt to install the windows within 3-4 weeks of getting the order, but this is dependent upon individual order and time of year.
We, in most cases, suggest allowing a minimum of 1 to 2 days, however, that depends on the number and windows types you select.
We have many colours to choose from to compliment your home including white, sky blue, green, golden oak, rosewood & white-grain and many more colours giving you ultimate flexibility to truly enhance your home.
We offer a wide range of windows styles to complement every home, such as our casement windows or bay windows. Our window range is available in a variety of colours.
Yes, we do. All of our uPVC windows are bespoke and made to your specific requirements. Amber Windows can customise your windows with a range of styles, colours and glass finishes. Amber Windows provides a superb range of patterned and stained glass to give the windows in your home that extra touch of class. We can produce a perfect reproduction of existing glass work or simply match colours, shapes and designs to your chosen décor.
We want our customers to be delighted with their windows and the customer service we provide so we offer a no quibble insurance backed 10 year guarantee on parts and labour for all our windows, doors and conservatories.
By its very nature, double glazing offers much greater security due to the added strength of the extra panes of glass. For windows that open, all windows come with locks that are rigorously tested to ensure they are fit for purpose. Our range of windows benefit from Amber’s unique Defender locking system with multipoint claw lock and shootbolt locks. Casement, Sash and Bay windows are Secure by Design accredited.
Yes we do. We currently recycle almost 92% of waste, timber, glass, pvcu, cardboard, brick, plastic wrapping, metal and paper. We are achieving substantial savings which we now pass on to our customers as a recycling subsidy which is deducted at point of sale.


Amber Windows understands that every house is different and therefore we do not have standard sizes for our doors. One of our expert door designers will come and view your property and assess what size door you need. All of our doors are made to measure, ensuring a truly bespoke service and designed to complement your home.
Yes they are. We have several threshold options, including a mobility threshold allowing for wheelchair access.
All of our doors are available in a large range of colours, allowing you to match the colour to that of your home’s decor, inside and out. From standard colours, such as white, black and grey to emerald green and ruby red. There are also dual colour options available, so you choose one colour for the inside and another for the outside.
Amber have a wide range of doors available in a range of styles and colours, so you should be able to find one of our doors that matches your existing design or close to it. We can also offer bespoke glazing services to further customise your new door.
Yes we can as long as your new door has a solid panel. We are unable to install cat flaps into glazed panels.
Our range of Composite Doors are the toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors available. With over 20 years of technology investment you can rest assured that your new door will be benefit from the very latest safety features including carbon fibre reinforced inner frames, nickel coated solid brass hook locks which slide into a series of steel keeps which run the length of the door which means your new door cannot be forced open.
We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service, All you have to do is call our Customer Services team on Freephone number: 0800 78 37 371 to arrange for one of our service engineers to visit.
This really depends of the type of door you have chosen. For example if you were having a new entrance door then it would take approx. 1 day which includes removal of the old door, fitting the new door and making good of any walls (plaster etc, back to a decorating standard).

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

uPVC is a very popular choice in the UK today for Fascias, Soffits and Gutters with over 85% of buildings benefiting from this highly durable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly product. It is now widely accepted that the level of maintenance burden and technical performance of timber, fascias and roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with uPVC Fascias and Soffits. uPVC will not rot, warp, bend or discolour. For more information please Click Here.
All our roofline products are manufactured using Heat Shield Technology preventing boards from discolouring or warping, even on south facing properties.
Our fascias, soffits and cladding products benefit from our 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Our rainwater products such as guttering and downpipes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months.
Amber Windows recommends a full replacement of the old timber with a Upvc replacement. Many of the existing wooden components are made from softwood which decays and deteriorates over time. Because softwood rots from the inside you will not realise that you have a problem until it is too late.
Fascias are the horizontal band below the roofline which the guttering attaches to. Most fascias in the UK are now predominantly made of uPVC. Soffits are the underside of the fascia. Together they transport water away from your home.
We suggest you clean your gutters with warm soapy water at least twice a year – late spring and late Autumn is recommended.


Your new bespoke porch be fitted with a range of roofing options such as a standard flat roof, pitched roof, hipped roof. As well as the roofing option you can also choose the material of your porch roof with options such as felt, tiles & our new rubber roofing option.
You can choose windows for your porch from our Full Range. You will also have a choice of glazing options, colours and handles.
You can choose from our Full Door Range, including uPVC, Composite and Patio doors.
Yes, Amber Windows can install new brick walls and frames onto an existing base as long as it is in good condition. We are, however, unable to reduce or extend an existing base.
If the front porch you want built is less than 3m² in floor area and not within 2 metres of any boundary which fronts the highway, you do not need planning permission or building regulation approvals. However, if the porch you want built has a floor area bigger than 3m² then don’t worry as Amber Windows will apply for the necessary building regulations or planning permissions on your behalf.
Yes, we are able to remove an existing porch and base should this be required, and then dispose of it for you. We currently recycle almost 92% of waste, timber, glass, pvcu, cardboard, brick, plastic wrapping, metal and paper.
Yes, we can help with electrical sockets and switches for your porch. Please speak to your sales advisor to fully discuss your requirements.

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    Amber Windows Guarantee

    Our insurance backed guarantee already covers over £130 Million worth of installations. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are quality checked and approved before they are dispatched from our in-house manufacturing facility for delivery and installation. Because our guarantees are covered by insurance, if, in the unlikely event that we ceased trading, your guarantees would remain valid. Another key benefit of our guarantee is that it is transferable should you decide to sell your property during the guarantee period. The new home owner can re-register with us benefitting from the remainder of your guarantee period. We offer a 10-Year Guarantee on parts and labour for all our Windows, Doors & Conservatories.

    We are able to guarantee these standards through our membership of the organisations that oversee and regulate our industry and the quality standards we have attained. Our membership of FENSA (The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) ensures that our products and services are independently monitored and certified. These independent, government recognised bodies not only set benchmarks for performance but also regularly check the products and service of companies like ourselves to ensure that we are maintaining those standards. For example if we make a claim about the energy efficiency of our windows then you can be confident that what we claim has been checked and certified by an independent watchdog.

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