How to Buy a Garage Door

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You may not have given your garage door much thought, but the right door can increase the security of your home. It can also make the outside of your home more appealing and can ultimately add value to your home. If your existing door is showing its age, or doesn’t offer much in the way of security, it may be time for a new garage door. Keep in mind the following when deciding on the perfect door.

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The most popular type of garage door is the ‘up and over’ type of door, which works by lifting up the bottom of the door, allowing it to lie flat under the roof. It’s easy to use and practical. Roller type doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, and this option is ideal for anyone wanting to maximize space in their garage. If space is tight or you have stuff stored under the garage roof, a side hinged door might be your best option, allowing the two doors to open to the outside, rather than roll up into the garage. If you want a more traditional look, you may want to go with this type of garage door.

All of these garage door types are available in a variety of colours, styles and materials, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, making it easy to find the perfect door to match the overall look of your home. If you live by the sea, wooden doors can be damaged by salt, and may not be the best option. Most roller or up and over doors are available in steel or aluminium, both of which are fairly robust. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) are an excellent alternative to timber doors as they come in a range of woodgrain effects and are more resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Of course, cost is also a consideration for many homeowners. Typically a standard size manual canopy steel door would be the cheapest option with an automated roller door or sectional door being the most expensive. Expect to pay more for a made to measure door which will be manufactured to your specification.

It’s worth paying for a quality product and avoiding cheap doors that will inevitably need replacing or repairing within a few years. A good quality door should last at least ten years, and need little except routine maintenance every now and then. Garages are no longer used simply to house the family car but are increasingly being used as overspill areas for the home, doubling up as a utility area, home gym or storage space. As such, security is becoming much more of a priority. If home security is important to you, paying extra for a well fitted quality door is recommended. If you go with the up and over door type, make sure it has an anti-snap lock and a multi point locking system. Roller and sectional garage doors generally provide a high level of security, although they should have good quality side rails, while an automated door also provides that much needed extra security for homeowners.

And for the ultimate in security as well as convenience, a timer allows you to programme the garage door to open or close at a specified time, even if you aren’t at home. Perfect for those days when you forget to close the garage on the way to work.

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