All of our uPVC Doors are available in solids, woodgrain and light oak and can be further customised with letterboxes, glazing options, cat flaps and door handles etc. Our doors are made to measure at Amber’s manufacturing unit. This means your new door will be perfectly sized to fit your home with no gaps or filler required.

Our uPVC doors are steel reinforced and come with high security locks and hinges to prevent easy entry from thieves.

Made of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC), uPVC doors are highly durable, strong and create a lasting first impression. A range of colours are available ranging from the classic white through to the popular woodgrain effect foils which look just like real wood. Two colour doors are becoming extremely popular with the inside typically being in white.

What’s more, unlike wooden and metal doors, uPVC doors are weatherproof, meaning they are not susceptible to corroding, fading, rusting, flaking or rotting. For this reason, they are easy to maintain since they only require regular cleaning. With that in mind, here is some more information about uPVC doors.

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Some of the important factors to consider when buying a uPVC door include:


Most uPVC doors come with a core of galvanized steel, making them extremely difficult to break down. However, in addition to this, you should choose a door with a multi-point locking system and more importantly, meets all the applicable quality standards, including the British Standard PAS 24-1.


Choose a well-insulated uPVC door, such as a double or triple glazed uPVC door. Such a door will help improve your home’s energy efficiency, maintain a comfortable indoor environment and act as a noise barrier.


While uPVC doors maybe more expensive than other types of doors, including wooden and metal doors, they actually offer long-term savings. For instance, they do not require much in terms of maintenance apart from a quick wipe down and the occasional oiling of the hinges. They can also improve a home’s energy efficiency, which translates to lower energy bills.

Factors that Determine the Price of uPVC Doors:

Colour and texture options

While white is the usually the standard colour for uPVC doors, uPVC doors are generally available in a wide range of colours and textures, including woodgrain imitation such as Golden Oak and Rosewood. However, non-standard colour options and textures will increase the cost of your uPVC door.


There are a variety of glass options available including tinted, clear, decorative including leaded and stained glass and safety glass.


A wide range of additional door furniture is available including handles, letter boxes, spy holes and door knockers

Cat or dog flaps

uPVC doors can have these fitted into the lower panel. Various types are available including manual and electronic.

All our uPVC doors include the following features:

  • Unique Amber Windows “Amb-e-seal”® Windows
  • High performance security
  • 0% heat leakage around opening vents
  • Unique combination with steel & thermal reinforced frame
  • Fixings installed directly onto the frame
  • Retains 99% of it’s shape after years of use
  • Unique combination Steel & Thermal reinforced
  • Weather proofed uPVC to ensure the frames do not discolour
  • Sound proofed to keep outdoor noise levels to a minimum
  • uPVC panels are lead free and cfc free
  • Range of colours
  • Range of styles
  • Concealed hinges
  • Amb-e-seal® a unique market leading technology providing high levels of energy efficiency to ensure windows are draught free and retain the warmth within your home
  • Outer frames are thermally enhanced

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