Sliding sash windows are not always the first thing you may think of when getting new windows. More commonly they are needed to replace old wooden ones for new double glazing versions with the same style/look as the old. Very often the old windows will be draughty, difficult to open and only single glazed.

By replacing single glazing with double glazing you will immediately notice the difference. Rooms will heat up much quicker with no more cold draughts whistling through the old wooden frames.

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Many people are now opting for uPVC sash windows simply because it is cheaper than the traditional wooden equivalent. Typically a wooden sash could cost more than twice that of a modern uPVC version, mainly due to the difficulty in finding a company that will make you one!

Many period properties dating back over 300 years would have had wooden sash windows. Today, they are also referred to as vertical sliders or as a sliding sash. Due to the weight of the sashes the windows were typically operated using a series of pulleys attached to a weight which would have been located within the outside frame. Both the upper and lower sashes could be moved independently.

Traditional wooden sash windows were prone to draughts and in windy conditions they could rattle loudly. They were not very energy efficient and would be prone to heat loss and rain leakage. The design was heavily influenced by the legislation put in place after the great fire of London in 1666 which stipulated that windows would need to be recessed within the existing brick work.

Sash windows are still popular today due to their elegant and classic design which complements the appearance of period properties in particular. Many period property owners are faced with the burden of spending a lot of money continually maintaining their traditional wooden ones, with all their inherent problems such as rotting, draughts, rattles and constant repainting. However in some cases they are able to get them replaced with more modern uPVC versions. Often this will involve matching the old style as closely as possible.

Due to the continued demand for sash windows manufacturers produce sashes made from modern uPVC. These windows remain very popular and have become an excellent replacement for the traditional wooden sash but with all the energy efficiency qualities that uPVC offers. More importantly they are virtually maintenance free. uPVC will not warp, will not discolour and is highly durable.

Traditional designs are available to emulate old styles as needed including the addition of decorative horns to the outside edge of the sashes or georgian bar which provides a truly authentic look. Choose from a wide range of hardware and fittings to achieve that classic and stylish look, associated with the period properties of yesteryear.

  • Energy efficient helping to reduce heating bills
  • Unique combination with steel & thermal reinforced frame
  • Internally beaded for security
  • Retains 99% of it’s shape after years of use
  • Weather proofed UPVC to ensure the frames do not discolour
  • Sound proofed to keep outdoor noise levels to a minimum
  • Argon gas filled triple sealed units
  • Amb-e-seal® a unique market leading technology providing high levels of energy efficiency to ensure windows are draught free and retain the warmth within your home
  • Amb-e-therm® sealed units benefit from reduced noise, condensation and retains more heat in the room
  • Grade 1 PVCu
  • Unique combination Steel & Thermal reinforced
  • Outer frames are thermally enhanced
  • British Standards Kitemark™ Licensed

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