An Overview Of Leicester

The City of Leicester is located in the East Midlands, UK. In 1919, it was officially recognised as a city, and it acquired a cathedral eight years later – reflecting its’ notable expansion during this period. After Queen Victoria died in 1901, the population stopped growing at the rate of previous years, and the First World War from 1914 to 1918 made a huge economic and social impact.

Thanks to the broad variety of industries in Leicester, the city was better prepared than others to face the economic conditions of the following decades. In addition, at this time, Jews from Eastern Europe had arrived in the city to flee persecution, which benefited the local economy due to their global business connections. Throughout the Second World War, a large quantity of clothes and footwear was manufactured in Leicester for the soldiers. In 1940, the city was attacked for the first time in three centuries during a Nazi air raid.

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Modern day Leicester

Once the war was over, other communities arrived in Leicester, from the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. In the 1970s, Leicester became the new home of many families from Asia, after they were expelled from Uganda. The decades following this have seen the city welcome more communities, such as those from the world’s conflict zones, making a life for themselves in Leicester along with people who have moved here from other UK cities, and people who have family roots in this area dating back centuries.

Modern Leicester is a diverse and rich city, with a bustling marketplace and retail hub, as well as a historic town, green spaces and waterside.

City Attractions

There are many attractions in Leicester — from historic jewels to family favourites and intergalactic treats, you sure to find something that takes your fancy. Since King Richard the Third’s remains were unearthed and identified in 2012 (in a car park used by the local council), the city’s heritage has become the subject of media attention. Explore the splendid King’s tomb in the city Cathedral, the Roman Jewry wall and the amazing National Space Centre.

Cultural Highlights

For people who prefer a more boisterous culture, Leicester’s sports and music scenes will fit the bill nicely. Lots of great bands, such as Kasabian, have started out in Leicester’s live music venues. From the popular concert halls to the renown sports stadiums, Leicester has many top rugby, football, cricket and basketball teams.

This city has more to it than just sporting prowess as well. The innovative architectural wonder, the Curve theatre, is one of many amazing theatrical venues in the city, featuring national shows and home grown acclaimed productions.

Art aficionados will be happy to hear that, among Leicester’s outstanding galleries, is the country’s biggest collection of artwork from German Expressionist painters. Also, you can visit the New Walk Museum to see the dinosaur gallery, which is always a family favourite. This features a Rutland dinosaur fifteen metres in length. Whatever your tastes, Leicester can cater to them and then some.

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