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All of Amber’s conservatories are bespoke design and built according to your exact specifications, you don’t have stick to the Edwardian style and can take inspiration from other periods or your own personal taste to create the perfect additional living space or entertainment room. Your Edwardian style conservatory is available in virtually maintenance free uPVC in a range of finishes and colours. All brickwork is insulated and all windows are Double Glazed with our ‘A’ rated windows to ensure your new Edwardian conservatory is warm and cosy all year round.

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Minimal Design

As aforementioned, the Edwardian style jettisons all the decoration and fuss identified with Georgian and Victorian Conservatories. This is why Edwardian designs are predominantly rectangular or square. The regular base shape gets reflected at The Roof, which is the opposite of its immediate predecessor, the Victorian style. The primary objective here is to ensure minimum detailing and letting occupants clearly view the outdoors from within the conservatory. This means you would see side walls made of plain glass without fancy embellishments. The pitched roofing is typically composed of three sections that slope upwards from the room’s outer edge to converge at the centre. And this centre ridge is where you would see some fanciness in the form of a horned ridge-line. However, certain installations do come up with a pitched roof with four sides. A design feature that’s almost synonymous with an Edwardian conservatory is a row or series of small windows at the top of the frame.

An Edwardian conservatory is a conservatory style named after King Edward VII. It’s named so because the style became relevant when the King was ruling England. This period design, unlike its predecessors, is a lot more subtle and subdued. It does away from the extensive ornamentation and fussiness usually associated with previous styles. The end result is an enclosure with clean lines and regular shape, which lets in a good amount of natural light.

Personalization and Styling

With Edwardian conservatories, you can stick with the conventional three-sided pitched roof or opt for a four-sided option. The four-sided roof looks similar to a lantern roof. However, you must ensure the side that drains to the current property has an extremely efficient Guttering Setup so that it could deal with rainwater effectively.

French Doors go well with medium to small sized Edwardian conservatories. And if there’s enough width, these conservatories also look great with a complete set of Fitted Bi-Fold Doors. If you are not much into translucent polycarbonate or full glass roof, then you should take a look at slated or fully-tiled design. An Edwardian conservatory with a solid roof could not only look good but could eliminate any internal glare normally associated with conventional glass roofing.

Construction Material

The roof beams and primary frames could be made from a selection of uPVC, timber or aluminium. Within timber, you get hardwood choices such as oak. Modern timber items comprise engineered timber that’s known for stability. It’s strong and has no graining problems that makes it almost impermeable to shrinkage and warping.

In terms of cost, the low-cost choice would be polycarbonate panels. They are light and inexpensive, but could present heat management issues. A Double-Glazed, full glass conservatory roof is an option but are more expensive. Tiled roofs are gaining popularity particularly as a replacement roof.

Your Edwardian style conservatory is available in virtually maintenance free uPVC in a range of finishes and colours. All brickwork is insulated and all windows are double glazed with our ‘A’ Rated Windows to ensure your new Edwardian conservatory is warm and cosy all year round.

  • Energy efficient helping to reduce heating bills
  • Built in security
  • Reinforced inner frame
  • High security multi point locking mechanism
  • Shoot bolts engaged into the outer frame
  • Dual colour option available
  • Argon gas filled triple sealed units
  • Unique Amber Windows “Amb-e-seal”® Windows
  • 0% heat leakage around opening vents
  • Unique combination with steel & thermal reinforced frame
  • Unique combination Steel & Thermal reinforced
  • Stylish & carefully designed
  • Amb-e-seal® a unique market leading technology providing high levels of energy efficiency to ensure windows are draught free and retain the warmth within your home
  • Amb-e-therm® sealed units benefit from reduced noise, condensation and retains more heat in the room
  • Outer frames are thermally enhanced
  • British Standards Kitemark™ Licensed
  • Internally beaded for security
  • Sound proofed to keep outdoor noise levels to a minimum
  • Weather proofed UPVC to ensure the frames do not discolor
  • Retains 99% of it’s shape after years of use

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