How to Design the Perfect Conservatory

A Conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. The most obvious benefit is that it gives you an extra room which can be used however you like. Typically conservatories are used as an extra seating area, a playroom for the kids or even as a study but they do also serve as a transitional room between seasons. The best thing about them is that they can be used according to your specific needs no matter what time of year it is.

You could choose to use yours as a dining room while others may use it as a lounge. Some people use theirs as a sunroom and most people prefer to use wicker furniture in this case, which is practical and cosy. No matter what your plan, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before designing your new conservatory.

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How Will the Conservatory be used?

As previously mentioned there are many ways in which a conservatory can be used. Ultimately, it all depends on your lifestyle. Choosing the family room option means looking at different types of furniture to make your new space as comfortable as possible. You should consider exactly how each member of your family might want to enjoy this new area. Choices regarding flooring, decoration and type glass used (tinted etc.) to name but a few should be addressed. For example if you plan to turn the new room into a reading area consider cosy seating and space for a bookcase/shelves with easy access. If you’re going to use the space as a playroom for the kids then toy storage as well as soft flooring should be on your list.

If you have plenty of budget available then a kitchen extension might be what you’re looking for. Popular choices to complement this include glass sliding doors and angled windows. You could also incorporate a breakfast bar/area. A place to enjoy a family breakfast in a cosy room with plenty of sunlight pouring in sounds good doesn’t it?

Design and Style

The first style choice for your conservatory should be indoor or outdoor. You may choose to turn your new conservatory into a warm and cosy indoor living area. With cosy furniture, plenty of heating and features similar to your lounge, such as TVs and media centres. However lots of people decide to go for more of an outdoor living area design and feel. In this case wicker furniture and plants can really set the scene.

Outdoor Style

Indoor Style

Designed for purpose

Next you’ll want to consider what the primary use for your new conservatory is going to be. Some of the more common uses are as follows:

Summer Dining – Let’s say you have a fantastic new barbecue set up on the patio and you want some shelter from the summer sun to enjoy a tasty grilled treat. To really connect the garden to your home bi-fold doors would be a perfect addition, along with some stylish new blinds to give you that much needed shade. There is a huge range of furniture that you can include here to compliment your particular tastes. Most choose to go for an outdoor style but there is nothing stopping you opting for whatever you prefer. Just remember to stick with your theme.

A Bar – In keeping with connecting the house and garden, a bar area for serving drinks could be just right for you. Perhaps you like to enjoy warm summer evenings and hot summer afternoons with a drink in hand. Your new conservatory could be just the spot to house the perfect bar area with your latest cocktails, ciders or beers on display. If this sounds like a good choice you’ll want to make sure there are some power outlets situated correctly for connecting the drinks fridge/s, as well as a worktop and seating area.

Personal Gym – Sometimes extra space is needed to be able to give yourself the time and focus that you deserve. Very few homes are designed with this in mind so an area for working out or meditation can be just what the doctor ordered. It’s even much easier than some of the other options as simply space is what’s needed. Flooring should be your main concern here and good ventilation or even air conditioning should be explored.

Playroom (for the kids) – These days kids toys can take over the house if you’re not careful! While clever storage solutions can help ease the suffocation there is no substitute for adding an entire extra room! Soft puzzle/jigsaw flooring is a great option here, which can be placed on top of pretty much any other surface you choose. Non-slip and easy to replace should any spillages occur. This also means that when the little ones grow-up you can easily remove the flooring and re-purpose the space.

Gamesroom (for the big kids!) – Commonly you might see pictures of conservatories used as a room for a pool table. This would be perfect to go with the bar theme we considered earlier and even coupled with a dart board to really finish things off. Some of you may even consider adding an arcade machine or two, or a media centre to house the latest (or retro) games consoles. With the extra space you could even set up the perfect VR gaming area so you can experience the latest in gaming tech without any space restrictions. You could have it set-up as a place to chill out and unwind after a long day’s work, or it could simply be part of that man cave project you’ve always wanted to get started on.

Study – A quiet room with a calming view perfect for blasting through that workload. You’ll need to make sure there are adequate power sockets and that they are situated in the right places. If you’re going to have computers in there then air conditioning should be a serious consideration as they can generate quite a bit of heat. Hardwearing floors for office chairs with casters to roll across would also be a must.

Extra considerations

When exploring heating and flooring options, you’ll want to ensure that it’s appropriate for your conservatory. Without adequate heating your new living area may get very cold during the winter, it isn’t uncommon to go for heated flooring or perhaps lay down wood or even carpets to keep floors insulated. Especially if you’re expecting to use your new space frequently in the winter months. It is also extremely important that you make provision for proper ventilation during the hot and humid summer months. This may include a small air conditioning unit or at the very least a ceiling fan. Comfortable conditions in your new conservatory will ensure it gets plenty of use all year round.

Unlimited potential!

Any combination of the above is possible. While it’s a good idea to have thought things through before you start, even better would be to have a visual representation of the space you have to work with. Amber can provide a CAD (computer aided design) drawing to get you started. It’s all part of the free service. Give us a call or complete the online form now and get your free quote and design today.

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