Glass Conservatories

Types of Glass used for Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories have evolved dramatically over the last few years from mere home extensions to comfortable living spaces and entertainment areas. For most people, fitting a conservatory is a big decision that demands consideration and adequate budgeting. The type of roof is one of the choices that a homeowner has to make when getting a new or replacing an old conservatory. Glass roofs are popular options because they allow maximum light to enter the conservatory. However, the right kind of glass conservatory roof will depend on the specific requirements that a customer has. Each glass roof has its advantages, which a homeowner must factor in.

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Self-Cleaning Glass

For the homeowner who doesn’t want the hassle of climbing to the top of the conservatory to clean it then self-cleaning glass is the most appropriate alternative. The surface of the glass has a photocatalytic coating that is responsible for the self-cleaning property. As the sun’s rays hit the glass, the UV causes a photocatalytic event that results in the breakdown of organic matter, including dirt. This glass is also hydrophilic, meaning that it does not retain water, so when it rains, the moisture washes away the broken down particles.

Thermally Efficient Glass

Often referred to as heat emissive glass, this particular roof is energy efficient, which is what most homeowners look for in conservatories today. Given the high cost of energy, people are constantly looking for various measures to reduce energy consumption in their property. Heat reflective glass is fitted with a metal coating on the underside to reduce heat escape while the glass top allows sunlight to pass through. Some energy efficient glasses have to be combined with double-glazed units to improve their insulation capabilities.

Laminated Glass

Another glass conservatory roofing option available is laminated glass. This glass undergoes treatment to make it harder to break. It cracks as opposed to shattering when hit, which makes it safer than most. Installing laminated glass on the roof improves the security of the home, especially if the homeowner is concerned about access. Because laminated glass is made by combining two layers of glass, it has great insulation properties.

Toughened Glass

This glass undergoes extreme heat followed by cold treatment to give it a sturdy surface. Toughened glass is recommended due to its safety, but it has to meet specific building standards. In case of breakage, toughened glass leaves very small pieces that are less harmful because they do not have sharp edges. This is the type of glass used in shower doors. Double glazing toughened glass provides a more suitable product for a conservatory roof.

Whatever type of glass conservatory roof that a homeowner decides to get, it should adhere to the latest UK Building Regulations. A customer must define his or her requirements clearly to make it easier to pick the right glass roof.

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