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The Difference Between a Composite door and a uPVC Door

You’ll read a lot about the benefits of Composite Doors, but how exactly are they different from a uPVC Door?

What Exactly Is A Composite Door?

Unlike uPVC doors which are purely plastic, composite doors are made from a number of different materials which are pressed and glued together under high-pressure conditions. The materials selected specifically for their properties, and are specifically put together to counteract flaws common in single-material doors.

They are much thicker than uPVC doors at 44mm compared to uPVC, which are 28mm. A good quality composite door will be made from the highest quality materials meaning they are strong, durable, secure and weather resistant.

Here’s what that might mean for you if you’re considering changing to composite…


Whether you are looking for a double glazed front door or a back door, uPVC doors are extremely secure, but composite doors offer the highest level of security. The super-strong structural frame combined with glass-reinforced plastic, provide infallible protection against intruders. Plus, the laminated double glazing will stay secure even if it is smashed in an attempt to break in.

Variety Of Choice

uPVC doors are available not only in the traditional white colour but also in a range of colours but composite doors have a wider range of colour options available such as white, rosewood, oak, green, red, blue and black. You can also decide between a range of beautiful glass options. For you pet lovers, uPVC double glazed back doors can be fitted with a cat flap in the lower panel if required.

Look And Feel

Composite doors give you the option of being more flexible with design, meaning you can tailor your door to meet the overall look and feel of your home. You can choose a traditional or more contemporary style to suit your exact requirements.

Value For Money

Composite doors are great value for money. They are excellent quality, durable and have a life span of around 35 years! They are also extremely low maintenance and easy to look after – simply give it a wipe over and oil the hinges occasionally, and your composite door will continue to look great and work as new.

Summary Of Benefits

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