Timber Garage Doors

Considering a new garage door for you home? Timber is an elegant choice, but is it worth the trouble?

The Pros & Cons of Timber Garage Doors

Your garage door will probably cover the largest opening in your house and will be the most prominent feature. For many home owners, choosing the garage door that best suits the style of their house is a very important decision. One of the main considerations when deciding on a style is the material of the garage door. One material that emits luxury and quality, and is still popular today, is wood or timber.

Wooden garage doors continue to be a common choice in today’s market for their durability, longevity, customizability and visual appeal. Woods such as durable mahogany, redwood or cedar offer charm, authenticity, craftsmanship and class to the style of a house.

Wooden garage door pros

  • Customizability: Due to it’s craftsmanship nature, wooden garage doors are often tailored to fit the style and house of the homeowners. The timeless and classic visual appeal of a wooden door rarely goes out of style.
  • They can be built and adjusted to accommodate non-level floored garages.
  • If you’re living with an aspiring Premier League football player, then a wooden garage door may be best for you. Wooden doors are typically dent-resistant and are built to resist cracks, scratches and scrapes as well.
  • Wood’s durability allows it to withstand severe temperature changes and can also serve as a good insulator against heat and cold.
  • Repairs are in the most cases easy to carry out — just fix the damaged portion or panel rather than replacing the entire garage door.
  • It can be operated manually or automatically like most other garage doors.
  • It’s a natural sound barrier if you happen to live in a noisy neighbourhood or on a major street.
  • Made from a renewable resource, thus, wooden garage doors are eco-friendly.
  • You can easily repaint it for a new look or style.

Wooden garage door cons

  • Wooden garage door manufacturers are increasingly hard to come by.
  • Frequent maintenance, repainting and refinishing is required to prevent rotting and other damages. The wood is even more difficult to maintain if you live in a damp climate. With advances in technology the look and feel of wood can now be replicated in steel or GRP (fibreglass doors) which require very little maintenance.
  • Due to its custom-built nature, wooden garage doors have to be ordered and require time to be built. As such, they can be very expensive. Certain types of wood along with the customizability of the door can drive costs up. Typically a look alike GRP door would cost less than a timber door
  • Wooden doors typically carry a shorter warranty, perhaps only one year

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