You can choose from our Full Door Range, including uPVC, Composite and Patio doors.

You can choose windows for your porch from our Full Range. You will also have a choice of glazing options, colours and handles.

Your new bespoke porch be fitted with a range of roofing options such as a standard flat roof, pitched roof, hipped roof. As well as the roofing option you can also choose the material of your porch roof with options such as felt, tiles & our new rubber roofing option.

This really depends of the type of door you have chosen. For example if you were having a new entrance door then it would take approx. 1 day which includes removal of the old door, fitting the new door and making good of any walls (plaster etc, back to a decorating standard).

Although our composite doors have an authentic looking timber appearance, it is finished with an ABS plastic skin and a uPVC edge banding material. This finish combined with our solid timber core means the door is virtually maintenance free and will never require painting. If you wish to paint the face of one of our […]

We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service, All you have to do is call our Customer Services team on Freephone number: 0800 78 37 371 to arrange for one of our service engineers to visit.

Our range of Composite Doors are the toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors available. With over 20 years of technology investment you can rest assured that your new door will be benefit from the very latest safety features including carbon fibre reinforced inner frames, nickel coated solid brass hook locks which slide into a […]

Yes we can as long as your new door has a solid panel. We are unable to install cat flaps into glazed panels.

Amber have a wide range of doors available in a range of styles and colours, so you should be able to find one of our doors that matches your existing design or close to it. We can also offer bespoke glazing services to further customise your new door.

All of our doors are available in a large range of colours, allowing you to match the colour to that of your home’s decor, inside and out. From standard colours, such as white, black and grey to emerald green and ruby red. There are also dual colour options available, so you choose one colour for […]