Conservatory Extension Ideas

A conservatory extension provides a remarkable way of adding space to your home. It is filled with light and offers a safe and seamless connection to the outdoors. It is designed to maximize pleasure as you will be able to indulge in activities such as taking advantage of the sunrise with a cup of tea or drawing down the blinds and enjoying the sound of the rain from a cosy chair.

The very nature of Conservatories means they have a greater percentage of glass than traditional extensions. Therefore, you will be able to easily create a light and airy space and have easy access to the outdoors. Well designed conservatories will always look more spectacular than a traditional brick extensions with tiled roofs and plasterboard walls.

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Another great feature of conservatories is the materials that are used in their construction. For example, uPVC Conservatories are renowned for being long lasting and low maintenance. In addition, they are not subject to rust, rotting or corrosion unlike metal or timber frames. This means they are more cost effective in comparison to other options.

The site of your conservatory could be quite advantageous as well. An east-facing conservatory extension will have the sun greeting you in the morning. A west-facing location will allow you to catch the sun in all its glory as the day ends. A north-facing site will get a bit of both the sunrise and sunset but could be quite cold during winter. If it is south facing, you will be able to enjoy the warmth of the summer.

Modern Conservatories are multifaceted and can be used for just about any purpose. A conservatory extension can make a children’s play room, a stunning day room, a dining room and with some additional plumbing, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Personal choice, budget, Planning Regulations and limitations in the home or outdoor space will largely guide decision making. Going into the process open minded is the best approach; however, you should be aware of any issues or pitfalls your decisions could cause. You should also be aware of any Financial Requirements you may need to factor into the project.

Both the conservatory and traditional extensions can provide huge improvements; however, among other things, a conservatory extension adds more visual appeal to your property. In addition, building a traditional extension is a much bigger undertaking than constructing a conservatory.

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