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Garage Door Closing on a Car

Picture this: You get into your car to drive to work or take the kids to school and when you push the remote control your door starts to open as normal but then you hear a crashing sound and everything just stops. Now you start to wonder if it has anything to do with the loud clanging noise you’ve been hearing for quite a while. So you get out of your car to find your 20 year old door which you have been promising to change since you moved in has finally given up the ghost and has come crashing down in front of your car. You and your car are going nowhere today. Over the years you have been convincing yourself that there is no need to pay good money to fix your noisy garage until something happens. Well, today is that day.

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By waiting for a problem to happen you will cost yourself substantially more money. You probably won’t be going to work today and you will not be able to get a legitimate garage door company to come out to you straight away as they will be booked up for months ahead. There are of course a lot of bad companies out there waiting for the next sucker to contact them. During this time of panic, this is when most of us make our worst decisions which end up costing us substantially more than it should have done. We rush into contacting as many so called garage specialists until we find one who is miraculously available to come out today to solve the problem. Most of us will instinctively ask “what is the cheapest way of repairing the door or what is your cheapest door?”. What you should really ask yourself is “what is the cheapest door now and what will be the cheapest later?”, meaning if you buy a cheap door now it will cost you plenty when it falls apart, on the other hand if you spend a little more now on a Good Quality Garage Door, it shouldn’t cost you anything more for years to come don’t settle for cheap!!!, it really doesn’t pay off in the long term.

The internet is swamped with garage door deals. There is a wide range of companies offering garage door services ranging from the multi-nationals through to the family owned businesses and the one man bands. The national companies tend to be very large organisations with large overheads and with shareholders to answer to. Yes they can provide services across the UK but this will come at a cost. Your middle sized company, often family owned, do not have to answer to their shareholders and as such can be very competitive. They will possess a wealth of specialist and will have a good local presence. Your one man band operation tends to provide services cheaply and locally but many of them probably will not be trading several years into your warranty period when you need them the most. Cheap is not always best when you have to find hundreds or even thousands of pounds to rectify a problem when you can no longer trace the company who originally installed your garage door.

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