Conservatories Buying Guide

It is important to consider a wide variety of factors when planning to buy a conservatory. To choose the right option, make an effort to obtain at least three quotes from different companies. In many cases, it is advisable to opt for a supplier recommended by an acquaintance.

Clearly outline your needs and expectations based on the available budget. However, you should be flexible when it comes to the choice of materials, designs and conservatory styles. It is common for homeowners to choose a different conservatory once they discover a wider Selection of Styles at the supplier’s premises. Some of the key aspects that determine the ideal choice include size of the conservatory and the Type of Glass used to construct the unit.

Aesthetics play a major role in the choice of conservatory. For this reason, it pays to make the final decision after comparing Different Designs available on the market. A well-chosen unit has the capacity to boost curb appeal to any home.

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Extra costs

Unforeseen costs can quickly accumulate and become a source of confusion. As such, familiarise yourself with items included in the quote. From fittings to installation, you should avoid surprises midway through the project. A significant proportion of buyers pay more for the conservatory than the amount listed in the initial quote. Additional features that can inflate the total installation bill include Roof Vents, electrical sockets and television aerial points.

Choosing the right materials

Materials used to erect your conservatory have a direct bearing on key aspects like temperature, maintenance issues and light. This means that it pays to opt for materials which promote comfort and durability. Wood, uPVC and aluminium are the main types of materials used to build conservatories. The ideal choice works well with the design and structure of your home.

The materials are available at varying prices and different colours as well as finishing options. The same applies to durability and environmental friendliness. Aluminium is the most expensive option while wood and uPVC materials are relatively affordable.

Conservatories guide: Planning permission

Although Planning Permission is generally not required when looking to erect a conservatory, you should check with the relevant authorities or contractors. You may be required to apply for permission if your property is situated within a conservation zone or other designated areas. The same applies to any structure that is erected above ground level or the property is extended or terraced.

Conservatory Quotes

Obtaining multiple Conservatory Quotes from reputable firms is a sure fire way to identify the best value and make the right choice. In some cases, quotes obtained online are provided by intermediaries whose prices are supply-only. Some firms will dispatch a salesperson to your home with the aim to provide a balanced quote.

Additional considerations

The choice of roofing for your conservatory is an important aspect that requires careful consideration. If you intend using the structure throughout the year, you should pick Glazing Options with this in mind. Heat loss that occurs in winter generally passes through the roof. The solar gain also comes via the roof during summer months.

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